Greetings and Introductions

Hello!/ Hi!/ How are you?
Good morning/ afternoon/ evening/ (polite)
1. To introduce ourselves we can say:
Hi! My name is Latifah. Nice to meet you/ pleased to see you.

2. To greet someone after introduction we say:
It’s nice to see you or I’m glad/pleased to meet you

Mrs Esti : Mrs Sam, let me introduce you to Mrs Anna. This is Mrs Sam.
Mrs Anna: How do you do?
Mrs Sam : How do you do

3. To introduce people we can say:
a. I would like to introduce you to my friend, Dini
b. Let me introduce you to Dini. This is Dina
c. Come and meet Eri
d. Eri, meet my husband (familiar)
e. May I introduce you to Mr John. This is Mr Tedi (formal)

Greeting someone after long time
a. Hi,long time no see
b. Hi, I haven’t seen you for ages
a. How are things? (very familiar)
Sam : How are you getting on? (familiar)/ How’s everything?
Anna : I’m fine/ very well thank you/ pretty good/ couldn’t be better
Sam : What’s new?/ what’s up?/ what’s happening?/ How are you?
Anna : Nothing special/ same as usual/ I am fine, thank you. And you ?

If you want to send wishes to the third person, you can say:
1. Please, give my best wishes to Mia
2. Please, remember me to your mother
3. Please, give my kindest regards/best regards to your wife
4. Give my love to the children
5. Say hello to Terrie

Now,….you know and you can start to introduce yourself. ^_^
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