Conversational Responses

A. Some idioms we use to express Emphasis
If someone says :
You can borrow my car tonight
Then you say : Thanks a million !
You mean : Thank you very much indeed

If someone says :
Did you get the job you wanted ?
Then you say : No such luck !
You mean : You’re dissapointed and you were not able to do something

If someone says :
Can I go skiing with you and your friends this weekend?
Then you say : The more the merrier
You mean : You’re happy for others to join your group or activity

If someone says :
She is a great teacher
Then you say : You can say that again!
You mean : You totally agree with what she/he says

If someone says :
Come on the roller coaster with me !
Then you say : No way !
You mean : You don’t want to do something

If someone says :
I don’t know how you can drive a car in London traffic
Then you say : There’s nothing to it!
You mean :  You think something is easy

If someone says :
You could become a model
Then you say : Don’t make me laugh!
You mean : You think something is unlikely

If someone says :
It’s nearly the end of the holiday already
Then you say : How time flies !
You mean :You are surprised at how quickly time has passed

If someone says :
We bump into Ted’s teacher in Spain
Then you say : It’s a small world 
You mean : You are surprised at a coincidence
e.g. meeting someone unexpectedly

B. Some idioms we use when we talk about Indifferent
If someone says : What do you think caused the problem?
Then you say : It’s neither here nor there what I think
You mean : It is not very important

If someone says : Who do you think is to blame – the boss or the workers?
Then you say : It’s six of one and half a dozen of the other
You mean : Two people or groups are equally responsible for a bad situation

If someone says :
What do you think of Tom Cruise’s acting ?
Then you say : I can take it or leave it
You mean : You don’t hate something but you don’t particularly like it either

If someone says :
Luke’s got so many computer games
Then you say : I know. You name it. He’s got it
You  mean : Anything you say or choose, e.g. You name it, he’s done it

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