Describing Personality

If you want to ask about how’s someone’s personality, we can say:

What is she like? or  What personality traits does she have?

Then, you can asnwer like this :

She is active type or She is intelligent, humorous and independent girl, and so on.

Some words indicate personality traits :

She is a(n)……person; She is…..

  1. Active=busy with or ready to perform a particular activity.
  2. Adaptable= able to change so as to be suitable or successful in new and different situation.

Example : She is adaptable.

  1. Aimless= without a clear purpose, reason or direction.
  2. Adventurous= ready to try new, exciting and dangerous things.

Example : He is an adventurous businessman.

  1. Animated= full of interest and energy. Example : She is very animated.
  2. Alienated= feeling separated from society or the group of people around you and often unhappy.

Example : She always feels alienated.

  1. Analytical= using method that help you examine things carefully, especially by separating them into their different parts. Example : He is the analytical type.
  2. Argumentative= tending to argue. Example : She is very argumentative.
  3. Artistic= able to enjoy art
  4. Balanced= not giving much importantance to one thing. Example : I am a balanced person.
  5. Bashful= shy, tending to feel uncomfortable with other people and b embarrassed easily in social situation
  6. Behaved/well behaved= behaving politely, obeying people and not causing trouble
  7. Blank= showing no expression, understanding, interest or no emotion in your facial expression
  8. Bold= not afraid of taking risk and making difficult decisions, so confident or determined that you sometimes offend people
  9. Bossy= always telling other people what to do in a way that is annoying
  10. Bouncy= very happy, confident and energetic
  11. Brassy= loud, confident, or brightly dressed
  12. Broad minded= willing to accept other’s people behaviour and beliefs
  13. Changeable= likely to change or changing often
  14. Cheerful= behaving in a way that shows you are happy, for example by smiling or being very friendly.
  15. Communicative= willing to talk to people and give them information
  16. Competitive= determined to be more successful that other people
  17. Confident= sure that you can do something or deal with a situation successfully
  18. Conservative= tending not to like sudden change
  19. Considerate= always thinking of what other people need or want and taking care not to upset them
  20. Consistent=always having the same beliefs, behavior, attitudes, quality, etc and continuing to develop in the same way
  21. Contented= pleased with your situation and not hoping for change or improvement, happy and satisfied
  22. Convincing= able to make you believe that something is true or wrong
  23. Cultured= having a good education so that you are interested in art, literature, music, etc
  24. Crafty= good at getting what you want by clever planning and secretly deceiving people (cerdik)
  25. Critical= who is critical make severe and often unfair judgements of people or things
  26. Daring= willing to do something that is dangerous or that involves a lot of risk
  27. Decisive= good at making decision quickly with confident
  28. Deep= thinking very hard about things, often in a way that other people find difficult to understand.

Example : He is a deep individual

  1. Delightful= very pleasant
  2. Demonstrative= willing to show loving feeling towards people
  3. Depressed= feeling very unhappy
  4. Diplomatic= dealing with people politely and skillfully without upsetting them
  5. Detailed= giving a lot of information with many details
  6. Disorderly= lacking of organization
  7. Disorganized= not good at planning and organizing things
  8. Domineering= having a strong tendency to control other people without taking their feelings into consideration
  9. Doubtful= having doubts about something
  10. Driven= determined to achieve something or be successful that all their behavior is directed towards this aim.
  11. Easy going= relaxed and not easily worried or upset
  12. Faithful= remaining loyal to a person, belief, political party, etc. and continuing to support them
  13. Fearful= frightened and worried about something
  14. Flexible= can change or be changed easily to suit any new situation
  15. Forceful= expressing their opinion very strongly and clearly, people or easily persuaded them
  16. Forgetful= often forgetting things
  17. Frank= honest, truthful and sincere, although this might be awkward or make other people uncomfortable
  18. Funny= making you laugh
  19. Fussy= not easily satisfied; too concerned or worried about small, usually unimportant details, and difficult to please.
  20. Friendly = behaving toward someone in a way that shows you like them and is ready to talk to them or help them
  21. Headstrong= very determined to do what you want, even when other people advice you not to do it
  22. Idealistic= believing in principles or perfect standards that cannot really be achieved
  23. Imaginative= having or showing a lot of imagination
  24. Impatient= easily annoyed by someone’s mistakes or because you have to wait
  25. Indifferent= not caring about what is happening, especially about other people’s problems or feelings

(acuh tak acuh)

  1. Intolerant= not willing to accept ways of thinking and behaving that are different from your own
  2. Introverted=someone who thinks mainly about their own thoughts and personal life and does not enjoy spending time with other people.

He is an introvertd person; He is an introvert.

  1. Inconsistent= whose behavior changes very often and unpredictable
  2. Indecisive= unable to make clear decisions or choices
  3. Independent= confident and able to do things by yourself in yout own way, without wanting help or advice from other people
  4. Inoffensive=unlikely to offend anyone
  5. Inscure= lacking confidence and uncertain about their own abilities and about whether other people really like them (tidak percaya diri)
  6. Inspiring= giving people energy, a feeling of exicitement, and a desire to do something great
  7. Lazy= not willing to work or use any effort
  8. Level-headed= calm and able to deal easily with difficult situations
  9. Lively= having or showing a lot of energy and enthuasiasm or showing interesting and exiciting thought
  10. Loner= someone who prefers to be alone or someone who has no friends
  11. Manipulative= clever at controlling or deceiving people to get what you want
  12. Messy= dirty or untidy
  13. Meticulous= very careful and with great attention to every detail
  14. Mix easily= make friends easily
  15. Moody= easily becoming annoyed or unhappy when there is no good reason to feel that way and having moods that change often and quickly
  16. Naïve= not having much experience of how complicated life is so that you trust people too much and believe that good things will always happen
  17. Optimistic= thinking or believing that good things will happen in the future or that things will be better, easier or more successful than is actually possible
  18. Orderly= arranged or organized in a sensible or neat way
  19. Organized= tidy
  20. Outspoken= expressing your opinion honestly, even when it is not popular to do so
  21. Patient= able to wait calmly for long time or to accept difficulties, people’s annoying behavior etc without becoming angry
  22. Peaceful= quiet and calm without any worry or excitement, without war or conflict
  23. Persistent= continuing to do something, although this is difficult, or other people warn you not to do it
  24. Pessimistic= expecting that bad things will happen in the future or that a situation will have a bad result
  25. Pleasant= enjoyable and making you feel happy; nice
  26. popular= liked, enjoyed or supported by a lot of people
  27. Practical= relating to practice
  28. Productive= producing or achieving a lot
  29. Progressive= supporting new ideas or social change (progresif)
  30. Rash= doing something too quickly, without thinking carefully about whether it is sensible or not
  31. Realistic= accepting things as they are in fact and not basing decisions on unlikely hopes for the future
  32. Reluctant= slow and not very willing to do something
  33. Repetitious= involving doing or saying the same thing several times, especially in a way that is boring
  34. Resentful= feeling bitter or angry and unhappy because you think you have been treated unfairly
  35. Reserved= unwilling to expess your emotions or talk about your problems
  36. Resistant= not wanting to accept something, specially changes or new ideas
  37. Restless= unable or unwilling to keep still, especially because you are nervous or bored
  38. Revengeful= wanting harm done to someone as a punishment for harm that they have done to someone else (penuh dendam)
  39. Scatterbrained= someone who often forgets or loses things because they do not think in practical way
  40. Scheduled= planned according to schedule
  41. Self sacrificing= having a willing to do something in order to help the other without regarding himself/herself
  42. Sensitive= easily offended or upset,; Unable to understand other’s people feelings and problems
  43. Serious= not joking
  44. Short-tempered= easily becoming angry or impatient
  45. Show off= someone who always tries to show how clever or skilled they are so that other people will admire them
  46. Shy= nervous and embarrasses about talking to other people, specially people you do not know
  47. Skeptical= tending to doubt or not believe what other people tell you ( tidak mudah percaya)
  48. Sluggish= moving or reacting more slowly than normal
  49. Sociable= enjoying being with other people
  50. Spirited=full of energy and determination
  51. Stubborn= determined not to change your mind, even when people think you are being unreasonable (keras kepala)
  52. Strong-willed= knowing exactly what you want to do and being determined to achieve it, even if other people advice you against it
  53. Submissive= always willing to obey someone even if they are unkind to you
  54. Suspicious= penuh curiga
  55. Tactful= being careful not to say or do something that will annoy or upset other people
  56. Tactless= likely to upset or ambarrass someone without intending to
  57. Talkative= liking to talk a lot
  58. Tenacious= determined to do something and unwilling to stop trying even when the situation becomes difficult
  59. Thoughtful= serious and quiet because you are thinking a lot
  60. Thoughtless= forgetting about the needs and feelings of other people because you are thinking about what you want
  61. Timid= not having courage or confidence
  62. Unaffectionate= not showing feelings or liking to love
  63. Unforgiving= unwilling to forgive
  64. Unsympathetic= not showing, especially by what they say, that they understand and care about someone’s suffering
  65. Workhaholic= someone who cannot stop working and does not have time for anything else

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