Giving Advice

I’ll give you away some essential note that commonly use in conversation when you are giving advice to anyone:
a. You should/ ought to / if I were you / why don’t you , digunakan untuk memberikan nasehat yang ramah kepada teman
b. You’d better, adalah nasehat yang penekanannya lebih kuat
c. Take it from me, adalah nasehat yang diambil dari pengalaman pribadi seseorang
d. You would be well advised + to infinitive, digunakan dalam situasi formal.

Ok, let’s figure out this conversation below :
Sam    : What’s the matter, Marry, you look really tired
Marry :  Yes, I am down in the dumps.I feel bored with my job. What should I do?
Sam    : Hey, that’s easy. If  I were you, I would take some time off.
You ought to go to somewhere that will make you happy.
Marry : Do you think so?
Sam    : Yes, Dear…
Marry  : But I have so many works to do in this week
Sam     : You’d better not push yourself too hard, or you will get sick
Marry  : Can you recommend a place that’s not too expensive?
Sam     : You ought to visit Paris Van Java. That’s a cool place to visit. I bet you will like it
Marry  : Okay, I will do. Thanks a lot for your advice.
Sam    : With pleasure

Okay, that’s all for now. Give me a wire whenever you need more resources of English lessons 🙂

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