Happiness and Sadness

Notice these sentences below :
1. I get a real kick out of going for a run first thing in the morning before anyone else is up.
Meaning : very much enjoy doing something (informal)
2. Ann is keen to have a go at bungee jumping, just for a kick
    Meaning : do something because it is exciting, usually something dangerous (informal)
3. Rose jumped for joy when she heard that she’d won first prize.
Meaning : be very happy and excited about something that has happened.
4. I’ve been walking on the air ever since John and I started going out together
Meaning : be very happy about something good that has happened
5. It’s great to hear from you. It’s really made my day.
Meaning : something makes you feel very  happy

These are some idioms that usually used to express extreme happiness.
I am thrilled to bits
I am feel on top of the world
I am on cloud nine
I am over the moon
I am in seventh heaven

Now, let’s notice some idioms that used to express sadness in this passage below:
Dear, Nany
Hope all goes well with you. Unfortunately, everyone here is out of sorts. Beth is down in the dumps because she doesn’t like her teacher this year. I’ve told her that it’s not the end of the world and that she’d better just grin and bear it. But I think she likes being a misery guts and so she complains about him every night. Suzan is also suffering from sour grapes because I got the role in the school play that she wanted. This puts a damper on every meal, so I am really looking forward to staying with you at the weekend.

Explaination :
Out of sorts = slightly unhappy or slightly ill
Down in the dumps = unhappy (informal)
It’s not the end of the world = what has happened won’t cause any serious problems
Just grin and bear it = accept a situation you don’t like because you can’t change it
A misery guts = someone who complains all the time and is never happy (very informal)
Sour grapes = being jealous about something that you can’t have
Puts a damper = stop an occasion from being enjoyable

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