Having Problems

Have you ever had problems?
I bet everyone must have ever had problems
Okay, now let’s check out some idioms related with problems

1. I’ve come up against a brick wall
It means : something is blocking me from doing what I want to do
2. I put my foot in it
It means : said something tactless and embarrasing
3. I am in dire straits 
It means : in a very difficult or dangerous situation
4. I’ve dug myself into a hole
It means : have myself caused a problem that will be difficult to escape from (informal)
5. I’ve spread myself too thin
It means : I am trying to do too many things at the same time, with the result that I can’t give any of them the attention they need
6. I’ve been left holding the baby
It means : others have left me to deal with a problem alone
7. They’ve got me over a barrel.
It means : have put me in a situation where I have no choice over what I can do
8. I’ve come up against a stumbling block
It means : a problem that stops me from achieving something
9. I am clutching at straws now
It means  I am in such difficult situation that I will try anything
10. I’ve drawn a black 
It means : I am unable to find information or to achieve something I’d hoped for

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