Let’s figure out a short passage with some idioms describing health!

Matt had been feeling under the weather for weeks. One day he came into work looking like death warmed up and so we ¬†told him to go away for a few days to recharge his batteries. After one day beside the sea, he no longer felt off colour and by the second day he knew he was on the road to recovery. He sent a postcard and we were all glad to learn that he was on the mend. By the end of the week, he returned to work as fit as the fiddle. And he’s been as right as rain ever since.

Under the weather = not very well
Looking like death warmed up = looking extremely ill
Recharge his battery = do something to gain fresh energy and enthusiasm
Felt off colour = felt unwell
On the road to recovery = getting  better
On the mend = getting better
As fit as a fiddle = perfectly well
As right as rain = perfectly well

Now, how are you today? Are you as fit as a fiddle?

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