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Notice the conversation below:
Sam   : How’s the weather out, Bill?
Bill     : It looks like raining
Sam   : Oh, no…so we can not go surfing
Bill     : Yeach…it’s really a bad day

Here are some expressions that are very useful when we are talking about weather:
Asking what’s the weather
1.What’s the weather like in your country? Seperti apa cuaca di negaramu?)
2. How’s the weather ? (Bagaimana keadaan cuaca?)
3. What’s it like out? (Bagaimana keadaan di luar?)
4. What’s the weather going to be like on Monday? (Bagaimana keadaan cuaca pada hari Senin yang akan datang?)
5. What’s the temperature today? ( Berapa suhu hari ini?)
6. What will the weather be like tomorrow?( Akan seperti apa cuaca besok?)

Answering questions about weather:
1. It’s raining today (Hari ini sedang hujan )
2. It’s hailing/ misty/ foggy/ windy/ snowy ( Hari sedang hujan es/berkabut/ sangat berkabut/ berangin/ bersalju
3. It’s cold/ hot/ snowing ( Hari sedang dingin/ panas/bersalju)
4. It’s cool/ cloudy/ warm/ sunny/ beautiful ( Hari sedang sejuk/ berawan/ hangat/ terang/ bagus)
5. I felt a raindrop ( Saya merasakan titik hujan )
6. The sun is coming out ( Matahari mulai bersinar)
7. The sun is shining ( Matahari sedang bersinar )
8. The sky is clear and the stars are twinkling ( Langit cerah dan bintang berkelap-kelip)
9. The weather is clearing up ( Cuaca mulai cerah )
10. The wind has dropped ( Angin telah mereda )
11. The wind has shifted ( Angin telah berubah arah )
12. I am sweating / perspiring ( Saya berkeringat )
13. I am shivering ( Saya menggigil kedinginan )
14. I am numb from cold ( Saya mati rasa karena kedinginan )
15. I am wet through/ soaked ( Saya basah kuyup )

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