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Conversational Responses

A. Some idioms we use to express Emphasis If someone says : You can borrow my car tonight Then you say : Thanks a million ! You mean : Thank you very much indeed If someone says : Did you get the job you wanted ? Then you say : No such luck ! You

Power and Authority

Notice the idioms in this letter to the editor of a newspaper Sir/Madam During the demonstration in the city center, we saw protesters taking the law into their own hands and attacking the offices of the company responsible for the pollution of our beaches. While I can understand how angry these protesters must feel, it

Having Problems

Have you ever had problems? I bet everyone must have ever had problems Okay, now let’s check out some idioms related with problems 1. I’ve come up against a brick wall It means : something is blocking me from doing what I want to do 2. I put my foot in it It means :

Success and Failure

A. What do we say when something goes well? Let’s check out some idioms for that purpose If something : makes all the difference ( to something ) Then it : has a very good effect on a situation or a thing If something : works/ goes / runs like a dreamĀ  Then it :