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Shape Image One

Experience and Perception

If : Something bad has happended, but you decide tolearn from it instead of being upset by it You can say : I’ve decided to put it down to experience. If : You don’t know what’s your position is or what your situation is with someone, and it’s worrying you. You can say : I

Knowing and Understanding

Let’s notice some idioms about Knowing and Not Knowing about something below: 1. She knows the system inside out It means: She knows every detail of it 2. When it comes to geography, he certainly knows his stuff It means : He has a good knowledge on it 3. That book title has a familiar


A. Being angry These informal idioms can be used either about yourself or about a third person. 1. I am fed up (to the back teeth) with trying to live on such a small wage 2. I am at wits end trying to keep things in order 3. I’ve had it up to here with


Let’s figure out a short passage with some idioms describing health! Matt had been feeling under the weather for weeks. One day he came into work looking like death warmed up and so we ¬†told him to go away for a few days to recharge his batteries. After one day beside the sea, he no