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Shape Image One

Talking About Illness and Seeing The Doctor

Let’s notice the conversation between Doctor and patient: Doctor  : What’s your complaint? Patient  : There is a lot of swelling. I keep sneezing. I’ve got blisters all over my hand I’m constipated. My stomach is out of order. I have indigestion. I have a temperature Doctor  :  You’ve got high or low blood pressure.

Describing Personality

If you want to ask about how’s someone’s personality, we can say: What is she like? or  What personality traits does she have? Then, you can asnwer like this : She is active type or She is intelligent, humorous and independent girl, and so on. Some words indicate personality traits : She is a(n)……person; She

Describing People or Someone’s Appearance

Describing People Figure out this conversation below: Sam  : Who is your boss? Eva   : I think you don’t know him. I’ll describe him to you Sam  : What does he look like? Eva   : He is an American. He is tall. His face is round. His nose is sharp. He wears glasess He is

Greetings and Introductions

Greetings Hello!/ Hi!/ How are you? Good morning/ afternoon/ evening/ (polite) Introductions 1. To introduce ourselves we can say: Hi! My name is Latifah. Nice to meet you/ pleased to see you. 2. To greet someone after introduction we say: It’s nice to see you or I’m glad/pleased to meet you Mrs Esti : Mrs