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Welcome to The Sekar Language School

We have started serving community since 2010 in Chevron Duri Camp, Riau, Indonesia using a name “English Friday Club” since the English Club was held every Friday morning in a simple room at Krakatoa 33. At that time we taught some English ladies (10 – 20 Indonesian ladies) who amazingly had a very big spirit on learning English. Most of them were wives whose husbands would be sent to USA for company assignment. With the help of some expatriate ladies (English native speakers who by chance stayed temporarily in Duri) we gained a big success on learning English program. Two years later most of the ladies had moved to USA and got a pretty good living in USA and to be sure gained more confidence speaking English and socializing in their new homes.

In 2013, we expand our English Club into English Children Club and TOEFL Preparation Club for High School students and Chevron engineers who needed better TOEFL score to pass Master Degree Program or even just for improving conversational skill to get along well in work atmosphere. We started to equip students’ learning tool with online TOEFL tests, online lessons and online private progress report for each student so that parents could monitor privately their children’s activity and progress by online. Formerly, we ran our online feature via website http://rainydayglobal.com. By the year 2015 until now, we decided to change the website into http://sekarschool.com.

Where did the idea of “Sekar” school name come from? In Indonesia language, the word “sekar” means “flower”. Our English club started with scientific experiment on language acquisition. Back in 2006, we tried to prove that the main factor affecting the acquisition of a language is exposure. Sekar is a name of an Indonesian baby girl whose parent are both Indonesians and they live in Indonesia. Since she was born she has been exposed intensively to English language. The result is even though she lives in Indonesia where everybody speaks Indonesian language, some of them even local language, Sekar speaks English as her first language. We proudly happy with the result. Hence, this language school was named after her to respect her achievement.

To expand our sharing passion for community, we started a non profit English learning community for unable children at Sebanga, Duri, Riau named Taman Belajar. Taman Belajar helps children to expand their horizon of thinking by understanding English better as many knowledge textbooks are written in English. In this going global era by mastering English can also help them to land better jobs. To get more about Taman Belajar; any suggestions, contributions etc, feel free to visit them at website http://tamanbelajar.org

In 2015, we add up Bahasa Indonesia Course for foreigners as we find out more and more foreigners come to Indonesia either for business reason or just leisure. We are here to help you to dig more about Indonesia. Welcome to Indonesia, welcome to Sekarschool.com

So, here we are now. Are you ready to be part of our Language Learning Community?

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Our Head Office:

Jln. Molek Baru I no. 19

Villa Binagriya, Medono, Pekalongan Barat

Kota Pekalongan, Central Java 51111

Email: thesekarschool@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +6281220205425